Hike: The Hollywood Sign

One of the more unique hikes around, this hike takes you up to and behind an iconic American landmark, the Hollywood sign.  We’ve all seen it hundreds of times at the movies or on television and have the image of it burned into our minds.  To finally see it in person and to use your lungs and legs to get up close and personal with it, is the best way to experience the sign.  For locals, it’s a great way to get some exercise.  For those unfamiliar with LA, it’s a great introduction to the area.  Most people arrive at LAX and the sheer humanity of the place can be overwhelming.  The airport is busy, the stores are busy, the freeways are crazy busy, and the line at In N Out Burger is long (but so worth it).  So now that you’ve been introduced to the airport, to traffic, and the most popular burger joint, it’s time to see one of the sites that the film industry has made famous…the Hollywood sign itself.

The hike to the Hollywood sign is a great way to get acquainted with Los Angles.  Sure there are other, easier ways to get a nice view of LA but this one you have to earn.  The hike is relatively short (3.3 miles round trip) but the trek to the top is almost entirely uphill.  The trail is very popular for both tourists and locals alike so don’t expect to have the place to yourself.   Actually, it’s the type of hike where having other like-minded hikers adds to the uniqueness of it.

You can see the sign from many vantage points along the trail

Along the way, there are some nice views of the Griffith Observatory across the valley, downtown LA in the distance, and the Pacific Ocean just beyond.  As the top nears, the views get even better.  Once at the top, the views are incredible!  Not just because you see the city and the ocean, but you’re seeing it through the backside of the Hollywood sign for a truly unique vantage point.  A group of hikers has hip hop cranked on their portable speakers adding something that I’ve never experienced on any hike I’ve done and oddly, I’m good with it.  So enjoy the view while you can because the notorious LA freeways await.  Après hike at Golden Road Brewing in Glendale for some good food and beers, you earned it!

Love this view!

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